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About Joud Digital

We enable companies to accelerate their Digital Transformation journey through the use of the cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud, DevOps, Omnichannel, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, Big Data and Data Analytics.

Joud Digital brings together the best industry digital experts, assets and platforms with a unique service and operating model.

Artificial Intelligence

Because AI is the new electricity, it's time to transform to a data driven enterprise by exploring new opportunities in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Be a Health, Education, or Finance organization, Joud Digital expertise and processes help you build a complete, security-rich AI solution that creates new value for your business.

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AI-powered Chatbots

Joud Digital helps you deepen customer trust and reach on the world’s most popular messaging app - WhatsApp.

We have a complete solution to create, manage, and optimize AI bots for businesses of all sizes to speed up customer resolutions.

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Data Analytics

Transform to a data-driven enterprise by exploring new opportunities in the field of Data Analytics and Big Data, identifying trends within your data-sets, detecting anomalies and making proactive refinements to to your operations.

Joud Digital realizes the business objectives by building, deploying and managing data workloads on the cloud.

We help companies in an Industry to establish foundational knowledge of Big Data Integration, Big Data Architecture, Big Data Governance and Security, Big Data Characteristics and Big Data Technologies.

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Digital Marketing

It's not only about your presence in the world wide web (www), it's all about being ranked by Google, and fight to be the FIRST result.

Joud Digital designs and builds a complete multi-channel marketing analytics capability to focus your marketing investment and improve omni-channel revenue generation.

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Mobile & Web Apps

Get your next industry disruptor app by our expertise in mobile apps development, web, e-commerce, and people-to-people fields.

Be and iOS, Android or web app, Joud Digital assist your presence in the web and app stores by building your apps using the cutting-edge technologies with highest performance and by preserving the best user experience ever.

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Internet of Things

We offer solutions for your business and analytics for your existing IoT devices. Get your realtime insights by contacting Joud Digital experts.

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Move to Cloud

Simply migrating to the cloud is not enough to make a solid ROI.

Take advantage of the agility, flexibility and speed of cloud to stay competitive, while managing increased IT complexity.

Joud Digital simplifies your journey to cloud by offering you solutions for Cloud Infrastructure, Monitoring, Management, Migration and Security.

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3D Printing

It's time to convert your ideas and sketches to real prototypes and objects. Validate your next project now and let us be your partner in your success story.

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Cyber Security

We help you protect your business from hackers and attackers. Get in touch to discuss your case.


Block Chain

We offer you a cloud solutions to assist you in utilizing Block Chain in your business with real applications.


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